Mailvelope Key Server

Secure. Easy.

The Mailvelope OpenPGP public key server is the first of its kind. It allows automatic public key lookup to make email privacy just as painless as modern messengers.

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Privacy made Easy

Automatic key lookup in OpenPGP mail user agents makes reading and writing encrypted email just as painless as modern messenengers.

No Web of Trust

No more key signing parties or publishing your social network online. You can even delete your public key at anytime. Learn more


The server offers a modern REST API over HTTPS with HSTS and public key pinning that can be integrated into any app architecture. Learn more

Verify Yourself

The server verifies email address ownership as well as private key ownership by sending an encrypted verification email.

Completely Open

The code is licensed under the AGPL v3.0 which means you are free to host your own key directory under your domain. Learn more

HKP Compatible

No need to update your current OpenPGP plugin. Just copy and paste hkps:// into your settings and go. Learn more